Local SEO Services

What Is Local SEO Services

You might know that local SEO Services (search engine optimization) is the process of creating and editing website code and content on your site so that each web page ranks on search engines. Three core elements of search engine optimization include:

  • Site Structure and Code
  • Reviews and Offpage Factors
  • On-page Content

Search engine optimization services help you in creating sustainable and long-term lead generations for your brand by:

  • Filling the funnel of sales with reliable leads 
  • Creating more website traffic
  • Improving keyword rankings
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Our Local SEO Process

We handle the consistent improvement and monitoring of your search engine optimization campaign, including making sure that your website is more visible on results and making your brand different from others

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Optimizing Code and Content

The next stage is all about optimizing the code and content of your website. We install call tracking and Google Analytics. We make your website fast and mobile-friendly so to attract mobile users as well. We edit the code of your website to make it correspond to the best SEO practices while editing and optimizing your existing pages for better search visibility.

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Performing a Digital Analysis

First of all, we conduct a competitive and effective digital marketing analysis for determining how you seem to stack up and compare to your top three competitors on the web in search results with the use of our advanced tracking software and tools. In addition to it, we conduct keyword research for the identification of top keywords and terms that drive search in your market industry and niche. 

An important step that we perform is to create your baseline for website structure and code while assessing off-site citations and local visibility before comparing it to competitors for creating a sales-driving and actionable plan. Lastly, we create revenue goals and SEO plans to achieve them.

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Creating New Contents

In the third stage, we publish well-written and targeted website content that improves your search rankings while providing seamless user experience. To complement your website content, we create creative assets such as videos and infographics all the while creating content for digital assistants and voice search.

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Optimizing Local Citations

We identify and audit citations across different online directions such as Facebook and Yelp. In addition to it, we improve the Google My Business page of your company to make sure that its visibility and presence are improved.

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Analytic Reporting

We offer easy to understand and transparent monthly reports on the results and status of your search engine optimization campaigns. In addition to it, we provide reports and information on tracked phone calls while analyzing separately phone lines for each and every marketing channel. While doing all of this, we also make sure to consistently optimize all aspects of your website to provide better performance.

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